The Red House Tavern needs your help

Got this email this morning. It's a call to action for local musicians and local music lovers. Read it, and if you want to help, email me at

Here's the email:


My name is Dana Foster and I am writing to you on behalf of my father, John Harris.  John has been the owner of The Red House Tavern (2239 Essex St., 410-522-3220) for the last four years.

As a small business owner and music lover he has done his best to provide quality entertainment to Baltimore at no charge while keeping his drink prices reasonable. 

Over the last year business has been getting progressively worse and none of our attempts to boost business have been working.  It seems now that The Red House may have to close its doors very soon.

I am writing to you looking for help ... 

I was hoping that you would have some connections on the local music scene and would maybe be interested in helping me set up a charity show to raise money to keep The Red House open. 

I understand that you are very busy and I would be more than willing to work out all of the details and set up the show.  Any help you could lend would be greatly appreciated.

The Red House is a small, family run operation, dedicated to being a Baltimore club for Baltimore people who love music.  Please help us keep it open.

Thank you for your time,
Dana Foster

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