Quick hits

Japanese pitcher Koji Uehara threw his second bullpen this morning, drawing the usual number of Asian and American journalists. His command was good and he showed off his sharp-breaking forkball.

He was flanked on one side by Jake Arrietta, whose fastball was crisp, and Jamie Walker, who looked like Jamie Walker. Don't kid yourselves. Walker will have a good spring. His struggles last year notwithstanding, he is a particularly tough guy to face this type of year.

Luke Scott said he will shave his bushy lumberjack beard before the start of the first full-squad workout tomorrow. I think he's just waiting for the environmental impact report.

The Orioles will hold open ballboy and ballgirl tryouts at noon on March 7 at Oriole Park. Former O's pitcher Dave Johnson and longtime umpires attendant Ernie Tyler, along with some members of the front office staff, will evaluate the candidates. Bring your own glove.

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