Orioles: Zaun on Koji

Catcher Gregg Zaun liked what he saw of Koji Uehara today, and he had the best view of anybody.

"It was pretty impressive," Zaun said. "Fastballs to both sides of the plate, split finger was there, ahead or behind on the count. He commanded both sides to both hitters, righty and lefty. It looks like he's pretty quick to the plate, so he's going to control the running game as well."

Zaun said the command was nice to see, but he also was impressed with Uehara's demeanor on the mound.

"I expected him to have good command," Zaun said, "but I also saw a bit of the competitive fire in him. He gave up that line-drive out to [John] Baker, and the next pitch he reared back and he cut it loose. You could see there was some fire there. He wasn't really happy with giving up that hard-hit ball."

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