Orioles: La Russa, Trembley talk lend-lease program

Never accuse Orioles manager Dave Trembley or Cardinals manager Tony La Russa (right) of not being about to think outside the box. The Orioles have a huge pitching surplus -- from a spring training innings standpoint -- and the Cardinals have a shortage, so the two managers have discussed a plan where the Orioles lend the Cardinals a pitcher or two.

"I have a relationship with Dave,'' La Russa said. ""I don't know if he can get all the innings for everybody, and I don't know if it could be done, but take Friday for instance. Their guy could give us an inning or two. I think we could work it so the guy that gets lent, he is sure to pitch."

If it sounds crazy, it really isn't, though the teams would need permission from Major League Baseball for the exchange program. La Russa said he'd have to run it by his GM first. So would Trembley.

"My gut is there would be nothing wrong with it,'' La Russa said. "We're in different leagues."

It would certainly solve a problem for the Orioles, who have 37 pitches in camp and are already looking ahead to big innings squeeze during the middle of spring training.

"It's an interesting concept,'' Trembley said. "He asked if I had a problem with him going back to his GM to check on it, and then they would call Andy (MacPhail). I told him I had no problem. It's an interesting idea. I don't know what the rules are or how it would be received."

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