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OMG! They're texting!

One of my readers wonders about my take on texting, and I don’t have one because I don’t care.

Never mind all that carrying on from the English-is-going-straight-to-hell crowd. They have to keep finding things to deplore.

Here’s why I don’t worry. The concern seems to be that The Young People are being corrupted, with English following close behind. The Young People like texting because it’s a useful shorthand, of course, but also because it’s a kind of code, like their slang. Once the code is more generally understood, and even used by, the Cootery, its charm will fade rapidly. *

I still remember the 1980s, when the spread of a different form of technology appeared to threaten to overwhelm us all with CB slang. Remember those days, good buddy? It was a vogue, it had its little day, some people made a little money off the publication of lexicons of CB lingo, and it all faded away like the dew in the morn.


* See Mike Pope’s astute comment on yesterday’s post.



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