Vietnamese restaurant news

Consumer blogger Liz Kay tells me Saigon Remembered across from the Senator Theatre in Govans has reopened after being closed for a couple of weeks. Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches  on a baguette) are now available at lunchtime, and the restaurant has started offering free delivery from Roland Park to Ruxton.

I'm afraid Lissa's mini-review of the new Mekong Delta at Cathedral and Saratoga might have gone unnoticed under a previous entry, so I'm going to reprint it here. I was surprised by the name. When I told Movie Critic Mike Sragow about it, he pointed out that the only thing weirder would have been if it were called the Gulf of Tonkin.

Here's her review (Thanks, Lissa): ...


...I got to Mekong Delta. They have $4.75 lunch specials. The summer rolls were not bad, nor was the peanut sauce. My Vietnamese pancake was quite good. It was an eggy crepe stuffed with veggies. The lemongrass chicken was perhaps a tad boring, and the rice was of mediocre quality.

We got a cold soup of lichi, lotus root and some kind of nut (ginko?) for dessert. I liked it, but it wasn't sweet enough for others. Unusual, not for everyone, to be sure.

The lunch menu is quite limited. They have a much longer menu for dinners and the weekend. There is pho, and I'll be back to try it soon. The dinner prices looked quite inexpensive - pho was $8-9.

I enjoyed it. The room is bright with interesting artwork of Vietnam. The owner was willing to explain dishes and make recommendations. Plus the only other place in the area you can get a good lunch for under $5 is Bouillabaisse Cafe.

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