I’m taking the day off to go down to Annapolis, where my son, John Paul McIntyre, is defending his senior essay at St. John’s College. Then I will be spending next week conducting workshops for my colleagues at the Daily Press in Newport News, Va. So postings on this blog are apt to be irregular until I am back in harness at The Sun.

For now, a couple of updates:

There is no video joke today because of technical difficulties. You may have noticed small, irritating bursts of static in the previous two posted jokes, and my producer, Mike Catalini, has been too occupied with his real work to address the issue.

Despite the hiatus, the thrilling conclusion to the Grammarnoir serial will be posted on Monday. There has been some minor agitation for a recording of the complete serial, and I will be investigating the possibilities of a production.

The Grammarnoir serial looks ahead to National Grammar Day on March 4, for which all of you will no doubt find appropriate means of celebration. (I do not, however, recommend the grammartini recipe linked to the Grammar Day site; it is shaken. For more reliable advice, look here.) Please keep in mind that the point of National Grammar Day is not to act the prig or common scold, but to write and speak with greater care, precision and clarity.*

On the days that I do not post, feel free to rummage about in the back issues for whatever you may find informative or amusing.


* Those of you who are observing Lent may find this a useful discipline.



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