Debbie Yow's vote of confidence

It wasn't surprising that Debbie Yow appeared today to put to rest "crazy rumors" about Gary Williams' job security. She said she would have publicly appeared sooner if not for the burial and services for her sister, Kay.

She said Williams, whose contract could keep him at Maryland until 2013, has the university's full support.

We all know about the words -- and tensions -- between Williams and Yow's department over recruiting.

Here's why her statements today weren't surprising:

*The university detests this story about university infighting and wants it to go away immediately.

*Williams has a big, continuing contract.

*Williams may have plenty of critics (largely focused on recruiting) but he also has lots of support from well-heeled athletic department donors. Does this assure he'll remain at Maryland? No, but it provides something of a cushion.

*When you've been at a university for two decades you become entrenched -- especially if you've won a national championship.

Let me add this: I know university officials want Gary to recruit better. They want him to be more visible at high school gyms and tournaments and the like. They chose to send him this message -- at least today -- with the carrot, not the stick. If he doesn't recruit better -- and he loves to talk about next season -- then we might be revisiting his job security again before his contract is up.

In fairness, the athletic department also considers Gary an excellent, game-day coach.

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