Tim Lumber's Q&A

Here is Tim Lumber's new column, where he goes rogue and interviews coworkers:

As soon as i got to work today,i decided why work? Instead I will interview some of the local drunk's that i just happen to work with!

I work in a manufacturing plant, so there's alot of people here who like to party hardy! I thought the first person i will ask a drinking question to is my boss.

I thought once i involve him in my column, he will probally let me walk around all day, and just interview people!

I asked my boss, whats your craziest drinking memory? He replied" One time i was so drunk i went To McDonalds and the lady was green!"

My first opinion was i think he was doing more than drinking! That or he was abducted by aliens,and they just happen to have a McDonalds in outer space! ...


After that i decided i would interview the machine operator i work with. i asked him, whats the craziest thing you ever did while you were drinking? He said "shooting my gun,i didn't know really where i was shooting,i was just laughing because i was so drunk!"

I know one thing, next time this guy drinks, somebody better buy him a straightjacket or he is going to kill someone! And i thought, this guy asked me to go to the bar with him last week!

After that interview, i decid ed to go hide somewhere! So i went in the back and fell asleep, until my calculator alarm watch went off! I woke up, and clocked out, i have to say, it was a easy day at work today!!!   

By Tim Lumber

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