Terps notes heading into the Virginia game

This is Jeff. I'm back. I'll be your flight attendant for the rest of Maryland's season.

Did I miss anything while I was gone? Just kidding. Gary Williams talked this morning about those two tough road losses, and this is what he said:

--When you're an undersized team, you can't afford poor shooting. Teams can sometimes survive cold streaks if they have big guys inside to get the team second shots and to guard the lane. Big guys allow your perimeter defenders to take the sort of risks that keep opponents off balance and keep scores down. But the Terps don't have this luxury.

"You just like to have the versatility of being able to play either way, playing big or playing small," Williams said. He suggested that next year could be different. He's referring at least in part, I assume, to the arrival next season of incoming Jordan Williams, the power forward from Torrington, Conn.

--Williams also said that Landon Milbourne is being asked to play slightly out of position this year. Because of the lack of big men, Milbourne is playing inside defense. That can be tough for Milbourne and the Terps.

"He probably feels he should be playing more of a guard position," Williams said.

The plus side is that Milbourne can match up against bigger, slower guys who can't keep up with him on defense.

I'll have a preview story on the Virginia game later today, and more notes in the morning.

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