Orioles: Roberts/Floyd speculation

I've waited a respectable amount of time before commenting on the report that the Orioles and White Sox have talked about a deal involving Brian Roberts and Gavin Floyd. That's not because I don't believe that those conversations occurred. Roch Kubatko reported it in his blog at MASNSports.com and I don't have any corroborating information, so it was only fair to let him go to town with it.

If there turns out to be any fire under that smoke, I'd be all for it. It's becoming more and more apparent that Brian wants to go somewhere he can win sooner rather than later, and the Orioles need starting pitchers. Floyd is coming off a 17-win season and he's another local guy, which magnifies the attraction.

Still, all the talk that the Orioles need to get somebody else in the deal is a little far-fetched. Even if you don't like the stats underneath Floyd's won-loss record, he's a former high first-round draft choice who won 17 games for a good team while Roberts -- barring a quick contract extension -- can only be valued as a one-year rental. If I'm the White Sox, I don't make that deal straight up. I also need a prospect and a decent one at that. If the O's want an infielder, then it would have to be expanded further.

Now, for the really bad news. Even if those talks were very advanced, the deal would remain a longshot because of the contract considerations. The White Sox still would have to have some real hope of re-signing Roberts to make the trade, which means they'd probably want a window to try and get him to sign long-term or some future consideration if he doesn't. That kind of thing gets done once in a great while, but it's very complicated so the deal almost always evaporates.

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