The Obamas' White House chef


I'm glad to see that President Obama isn't taking this change thing to extremes, or at least the First Lady isn't. I never liked the rumor that the new occupants of the White House were going to hire Oprah's personal chef. It seemed somehow, I don't know, undignified. Like using Dr. Phil for your psychotherapist.

It turns out that Cristeta Comerford, President Bush's executive chef and the first woman to hold that position, will be staying on. She's been there since 2005. ...

Newsweek had an amusing article about how overzealous foodies tried to get involved in the process of choosing the Obamas' chef.

I agree that there ought to be more information available about what the First Family eats, but not because I think it will improve America's eating habits. I'm just curious, and it doesn't seem like that terrible an invasion of privacy.

(AP Photo of Cristeta Comerford /Tina Hager)

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