Would you rather watch the Super Bowl at home or at a bar?

I've long struggled with this question. It also applies to just about any football or baseball game, and ultimately, depends on the person.

So I'm curious, and want to hear from you: Do you prefer to stay home and invite friends over for the Big Game or go out to a bar and watch it?

I did a little of both for the Ravens/Steelers game this past Sunday -- some friends and I went to Don't Know Tavern (1453 Light St.) for the first half, and then went back to Amie's place for the second half.

There are pluses and minuses to watching it at either place. I see it like this ...

Watching the game at home

Pros: Cheaper and more comfortable than watching it at a bar. You can sink into your own sofa, invite your friends over and go nuts.

Cons: It's not nearly as crazy as watching the game at a bar. You have to worry about accidentally spilling the nacho cheese on the rug.

Watching the game at a bar

Pros: You might not know all of them, but there will probably be tons more people, all of them amped about the game. The jumping up, screaming and high-fiving are twice as sweet when 50 other people are doing the same thing around you.

Cons: You're going to pay more for food and drink. How much depends on the bar. And you might have to stand up the whole game, which is just un-American.

(Sun photo by Elizabeth Malby)

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