MLB: The WBC international roster

Here's the team-by-team list of major league players who hope to participate in the World Baseball Classic, compliments of Keep in mind, however, that not all of these players will end up on the final rosters of their various national teams.

I've broken out the Orioles list here. Go to the link for the players from the other clubs and some more specifics:

Costanzo, Mike (ITALY)

Fiorentino, Jeff (ITALY)

Flagello, Clifford (ITALY)

Guthrie, Jeremy (USA)

Izturis, Cesar (VEN)

Montanez, Lou (PR)

Mora, Melvin (VEN)

Ricardo, Dashenko (NED)

Roberts, Brian (USA)

Salazar, Oscar (VEN)

Sherrill, George (USA)

It's possible that none of the three O's candidates end up on the USA entry. There are 45 players on the USA roster right now, but it will be cut down to 28 before the tournament. Guthrie is considered something of a longshot because of the team's right-handed rotation depth and there are some top-flight closers who committed ahead of Sherrill. Roberts probably has the best chance to make the team.

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