Mad at dad

Moms being mad at dad is a very hot topic right now on because of a poll in which 1,000 mothers dish about their husbands, reports the New York Times' Motherlode blog. Basically, according to the Times' summary, lots of women feel their husbands' lives haven't been taken over as much by the children. A lot of them are mad that dad can't "multitask," also known as changing a diaper while participating in a conference call and building blocks with your toddler.

Two thoughts:

1) If you read the summary, it sounds like a lot of women are, indeed, p.o.'d at their spouses even though it's 2009, already. But if you look more closely, you see that the angry (at least those cited by the Times) get to 50 percent -- at the highest.

So...the other 50 percent -- or more -- aren't mad at dad? That's actually pretty interesting to me.

2) Though I like everyone else am occasionally mad at dad -- that's only human -- I am more frequently in awe of my husband's skills with our children. Yesterday, he stayed home to handle the kids' day off from school with major aplomb, taking care of two playmates as well. Best of all, he built them all a killer four-room fort in the basement. I would never have come up with that idea.

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