Blast from the past: The Wine Brats

Anybody know what happened to the Wine Brats?

I found this photo in our archives of a Wine Brats event from 1999. Here's the caption, which explains things a bit:

The President of "Wine Brats," Tim Schriver, pours wine for Kenna Quereau (foreground) and Brannan Armstrong, while Harry Adams looks on. This informal club met at Corks in South Baltimore and is trying to introduce wine to a younger generation who seem to prefer beer. A meeting and mixing of the opposite sex seems to be high on the list of activities as well.

Corks is still there. But I Googled around a bit and couldn't find any results for "Baltimore" and "Wine Brats." I'll bet one of you knows something about them -- or one of the people in this picture.

Fill me in.

(Sun photo by Gene Sweeney Jr.)

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