Trembley speaks

Each major league manager at the winter meetings holds a news conference, and Dave Trembley's was on the first day. He covered a number of subjects, so I'll give you a few of the highlights:

On the club's situation here: "Well, I feel that Andy MacPhail and the rest of the people in the organization, we did our homework when we went to the organizational meetings in Sarasota the week after the major league season was over. I thought we gathered a lot of information. Obviously, I think it's pretty clear what our needs are. You know, Andy took that information to the general managers' meeting, now we're here, and I think we're getting closer to doing what we have to do to improve the club."

On whether Brian Roberts will be back: : Well, I would say Brian Roberts is my leadoff hitter until someone tells me he isn't. I think he's a darned good one, and I think he's one of the better second basemen in baseball. I think he means a lot to our city and to our fan base. That being said, I didn't just fall off a truck. I know that things change. But no one has told me or no one has led me to believe that Brian Roberts is not going to be the everyday starting second baseman for me in Baltimore.

On his expectations for prospect Nolan Reimold: "Well, he's going to get his first look in major league camp. This is his first time. He put up some power numbers last year. I've spoke to Andy about him, and we're going to have to take a look at him in spring training and make a decision on where we see him in the big picture. Is it as a regular, everyday player, or is it as an extra player? And I think that will help us make a decision on what he does and where he goes."

First thing in the morning: Dave on the closer and catching situations.

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