Today's Table Talk and Top 10 in print


There was enough restaurant news just before I left to fill a Table Talk column for today, so I wanted to be sure to link to it for those who don't get the print edition.

Last week during one of the periods when I couldn't publish comments myself, Multimedia Editor Steve Sullivan kindly took over for me. He said he killed out one comment that was outraged (and not in a nice way) because I was encouraging people not to buy the paper. ...

I couldn't figure out what that could have referred to, but maybe it was my making it easier for readers of the blog to read other parts of the paper online.

One thing I've been told, though, is that the readership doesn't overlap as much as they used to think. Certainly people talk to me about my Top 10 lists in the paper as though they have no clue they appeared on the 'net a week ago. Here's the link to today's Top 10 with comments, reprinted from last week, although the comments were severely curtailed. I guess there wasn't much room.

While you're at it, check out Steve's blog, Sullicom, to thank him for taking over for me -- above and beyond his work description. 

(Amy Davis/Sun photographer)

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