Kendel Ehrlich's peek into the future

We're getting the sense that the new blog authored by Joe Steffen, better known as the Prince of Darkness who did Bob Ehrlich's dirty work for years, will be the gift that keeps on giving.

In his most recent post, Steffen delights with the detail that former Maryland First Lady Kendel Ehrlich is a fan of tarot card readings and astrological predictions.

"I know this first hand as, along with a few others, I'd attended card readings with Mrs. Ehrlich," Steffen writes. "Additionally, shortly before her youngest was born, she asked me to write-up a basic rundown of how the siblings (and family unit as a whole) would relate to one another based upon their respective astrological signs. This, I did - and I hope I was fairly accurate!"

Steffen is on the outs with the Ehrlichs these days. So if Kendel Ehrlich is going to look to the stars to determine whether she should run for a state senate seat or for Congress, or if her husband has a chance at reclaiming the governor's mansion, she'll need another practicioner of the dark arts to help her out.

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