Baltimore roller boys thwart break-in at Dougherty's Pub

Knock knock ...

It was midnight Monday Nov. 17, and a few members of the Harm City Homicide male roller derby team were drinking at Dougherty's Pub (223 W. Chase St.) in Mount Vernon. They were pretty much alone in the place, except for the waitress and the bartender.

Then the waitress comes running out of the back of Dougherty's and tells them someone is trying to break into the kitchen, recalls Tracy Williams (pictured, bottom center).

The boys ran into the kitchen, and sure enough, they heard a loud, persistent banging on the back door. There was a man on the other side trying to push and pry it open. And he wouldn't stop -- even though he knew there were people holding it shut, Williams said ...

So a couple members of the derby crew sat down in front of the door while someone called the police, he said.

"I was never quite clear whether the guy was really drunk or crazy or what, but he was very insistent that he had to come through that door," he said.

"Basically we were like, 'No, no that's not really the way this is going to be resolved. You need to calm down and leave.'

But he just kept going at the door. He didn't seem to register that the door wasn't moving anymore. It was just one guy and there were four of us holding it back there wasn't really anything happening." 

After about five or 10 minutes, the police showed up and arrested the man, Williams said.

The bartender thanked the derby boys for their assistance and treated them to a few complimentary rounds.

I heard a rumor that due to the free drinks, a couple of the guys called in sick to work the next day. So I asked Williams about that.

"As far as I know, that is true," he said.


(Photos of Harm City Homicide crew and Dougherty's Pub by Gene Sweeney Jr./Sun photographer) 

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