9:30 Club upgrades sound system

Seth Hurwitz (pictured) just made a good thing better. 

It's no secret: The 9:30 Club is one of the country's best live music clubs. It has some of the best sightlines, gets some of the best shows and sounds better than most clubs I've been in.

But that wasn't enough for Hurwitz, one of the club's co-owners. He recently oversaw a massive overhaul of the club's sound system, which included 20 new speakers and new mixing equipment.

"My production people found the best in the world and now we have it here at the 9:30 Club," Hurwitz said in a statement.

"I could have bought a small island for the same price -- they made sure I purchased the sound system instead."

I haven't been to the club since they made the upgrade, but I hear it sounds something like this.

(Photo by Monica Lopossay/Sun photographer)

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