Kim worth the wait?

I am as curious as anyone regarding Jin Soo Kim.

The 6-8 forward from Korea gained his eligibility Monday afternoon from the NCAA, and will be practicing tomorrow with the Terps. If practices remain closed, my first look will be at the same time when some of you will see him -- in Saturday's scrimmage against Northwood University.

I've been hearing about how good a shooter Kim is since last spring, when some Maryland fans were talking about him at the ACC tournament in Charlotte. They said he was the best shooter Gary Williams has ever signed, and Williams said last week that Kim would be the best shooter they have.

Here's a question: With the way teams will be able to defend the Terps this season on the perimeter because of Maryland's lack of inside scoring threats, will Kim be able to get off his shot? I have the same question about Eric Hayes. Obviously, Kim has about four inches on Hayes.

Aside from his shooting, I've been given mixed reports on Kim. Somebody said that he was terrific as a sophomore at South Kent, the prep school he played at in Connecticut, but not as good last season after the team's point guard graduated. I'll also be interested to see how Williams plans on using him given Maryland's overabundance of swing players.

As I said, the first look will come Saturday.

Should be interesting.

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