Watch out for these two

Dear Mr. Roylance,
   (Written with tongue in cheek.)
   My lady friend and I are concerned we may have become the harbingers of bad weather to places we have visited on vacations within the past five years. Cases in point:
   In January, 2004 on the way back from a bus trip to Florida we spent two extra days stranded in Walterboro, SC by an ice storm in the Carolinas and Virginia and a snowstorm back here.
   In June, 2004 we traveled to Halifax, NS that had experienced a hurricane that flattened most of the trees there in fall 2003 and a 3-foot blizzard in spring 2004.
   In February, 2005 we visited New Orleans, LA to spend a couple days there before boarding a riverboat for a cruise to Galveston TX. (Your are aware what happened to New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Galveston with Hurricane Ike this year.)
   In September, 2006 we traveled cross country on I-70 from Maryland to Utah. In the time since many of the areas we passed through have experienced record floods and snowstorms and deadly tornadoes. 
   In September, 2008 we took a two-week trip through the Great Plains and Canadian Rockies. Among our stops were Billings MT, Bismarck ND, and Deadwood, Rapid City, and Sioux Falls in SD - all of which recorded blizzard conditions and record snowfalls this fall and many of the highways we traveled on were closed for hours this week.
   My question: are we bad luck or is this just part of the normal weather menu and "luck of the draw" in our country?
Ted Lingelbach

FR: Just as I have stopped traveling to visit sick relatives (they seem to die), you and your lady friend must stop traveling. Period. If you promise to stay parked in Parkville, we promise not to tell the authorities about your trip to Cuba.           

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