Pig candy

It's hard to imagine that it was a year ago that we first discussed the chocolate bacon bar here at Dining@Large. Now after hundreds, perhaps thousands, of bacon discussions, we come full circle, sort of, with...ta-da...chocolate-dipped bacon.

You can get Roni-Sue Pig Candy dipped in either dark or milk chocolate, and it costs $38 for a one-pound box.  That doesn't include the $15 priority mail shipping fee.

Roni-Sue deep-fries the bacon for extra crunch, rendering out most of the fat (though we can't claim it's health food!), then each piece is hand-dipped in Callebaut dark or milk chocolate. The dark chocolate plays against the saltiness of the bacon, while the milk enhances its caramely sweetness--trust us, you want it mixed! (from the catalog)

Deep-fries the bacon???

Federal Hill Jim read about chocolate-dipped bacon in the New York Times and sent me an e-mail about it. I went to the source. ...

First of all, great name. Every successful product needs a great name. (Remember the Baconator.) I am a little surprised, though, that bacon isn't part of the name, given its popularity.

Second, you can see how things have progressed in a year. The idea of putting crumbled bacon in a chocolate bar seemed kind of disgusting to me last November, and probably to a lot of other people.

OK, I'm still not sold on it, but clearly chocolate makers, or at least one chocolate maker, now feel bacon can be the main ingredient, while chocolate takes a secondary -- or maybe equal -- role. I can't quite tell. But when one of you brave souls orders some, please report back.

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