North Carolina coach analyzes the Terps

OK, guess what team this ACC football coach is talking about in the following three remarks:

--“They’ve got the ability because of a big offensive line and huge tight ends to just line up and -- if they want to, if those choose to – they could play smash ball in a heartbeat.”

--“They’re one of the more experienced football teams.”

--“I think they have 21 sacks out of 12 different guys. They generally really give you a lot of negative plays.”

Answer: That was North Carolina’s Butch Davis talking to the Carolina media yesterday about Maryland. Kind of makes the Terps sound like the New York Giants in last season’s Super Bowl, doesn't he?

Many opposing coaches besides Davis have commented this season on Maryland’s experience and its big offensive line. Davis didn’t mention that the Terps rushed for minus-12 yards last Thursday against Virginia Tech.

By the way, here is what Davis had to say about Maryland wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey:

“When you watch Maryland play, Heyward-Bey, the wide receiver, is one of those guys that kind of takes your breath away. Scouts that have come through here have talked about different guys, and he’s one of those guys who comes up all the time as a future high-round draft choice.”

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