Maryland's split personality

It's one thing playing well at home, where fans and friends are all behind you.

It's quite another to play well on the road -- where players sometimes feel they're fighting virtually an entire stadium.

Just ask Maryland, which is 5-0 at home and 1-3 on the road.

"All your family and friends cheering for you is a magical experience," offensive coordinator James Franklin said. "You go into somebody else's stadium, it's a different deal."

Franklin said most teams struggle on the road, not just the Terps. He said that's particularly true in the ACC this season. It's a year in which most of the teams in the conference have struggled to be consistent.

One thing Franklin has noticed is that his older players tend to adjust better to playing away from Byrd.

Senior Danny Oquendo, for example, says he likes it when opposing fans boo the Terps. He says it motivates him to play well. I'll have more on this home-road issue as the week progresses.

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