Getting up to date on "Survivor: Gabon"

Reality Check reader Rob Yunich was so kind to e-mail his thoughts on Survivor: Gabon, which I am sharing with all of you. Read on:

Last night's episode of]continued the theme of what I'm dubbing the "quiet assassin strikes again." But first (as Julie Chen would say on Big Brother), the episode began with lots of discussion of a merge. Hmmmmm.

At the reward challenge, the tribes had to use a sling shot to put a ball into a "hole" (which was more like a saucer). Kota took the first portion, but Fang captured the final two to win the reward, despite Randy and Matty loudly arguing when they were about a foot from victory.

Bob was sent to Exile Island because, as Corinne put it, "I know he can find the idol, and I wish him the best of luck with that." Of course, idol-holder Sugar, during a subsequent sequence said, "Nobody's finding the idol." Bob didn't find the immunity idol but made a very realistic replica.

The Fang Five got to dance, clean up and eat during their reward excursion, the first one Matty had received all season.

The immunity challenge FINALLY brought the merge, when the tribe received really, really bright blue buffs to wear. The challenge was one that shows up every season: Start a fire big enough to burn a rope. Only Susie and Sugar were able to start a fire, and Susie won immunity.

As the newly merged group prepared for tribal council, Randy shot off his mouth again, stating (about Crystal), "Either she'll be gone or I'll be gone," while Sugar's vote was courted from every direction. Once there, Randy and Crystal had it out, and Charlie tried to referee. Sugar stated that she knew everything she needed to know to make a decision. (Is she the show's Yogi Berra?)

Charlie was voted out, everybody was shocked and Kenny (aka "the silent assassin") had orchestrated his third consecutive blindside without anybody figuring it out. Seems like Kenny's a threat to me -- but the question remains, when will everybody figure that out?

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