Friedgen comments from the afternoon

I've filed a story on coach Ralph Friedgen's Sunday conference call, but here's a synopsis of what he said:

*The upcoming Florida State game on Saturday night is one of the bigger games at Byrd Stadium in a while. The Terps can clinch their division with a victory over the Seminoles and a Boston College loss to Wake Forest, moving Maryland into the ACC championship game. Fridge said of the players: “Believing they can accomplish this is starting to become a reality now.”

*Will players be monitoring the Boston College-Wake Forest game, which starts at 3:30? “Since we’re playing at night, I think our kids are going to watch that regardless of what I tell them,” Friedgen said. “We still have to win. That’s what we need to focus on.”

*Friedgen said the veteran offensive line had its best game of the season in the 17-15 win over North Carolina.

*No new injuries of note.

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