Cheap Trick Thursday: even more cheap, easy, homemade Christmas and holiday gifts

Well, J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly really outdid my list of cheap, easy, homemade Christmas and holiday ideas

He's published a list of 34 do-it-yourself gift ideas, many of which are unique and would be welcomed heartily by even the most difficult recipient on your gift list.

We've already said too many times that homemade gifts can be fun to make, reflect more of the sentiment of the season (giving of oneself) and if you plan it right, may even help you save some money.

So, after you rouse yourself from your turkey-induced stupor later today, consider spending some quality time making marble magnets or homemade truffles, or even a secret hollowed-out book for adults to hide valuables from thieves and children to hide treasures from their evil siblings.

(photo: Associated Press)

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