Friedgen: 'We finally put a full game together'

Terps head coach Ralph Friedgen says he's a perfectionist, but that the 26-0 win over Wake "is by far the best we've played all year."

"We finally put a full game together," the coach said.

The only negative for the Terps was the injury to cornerback Kevin Barnes, who will undergo an MRI.

Analysis and game story upcoming.

Meanwhile, did you notice...

* The Terps didn’t sit on the ball from their own territory with 1:03 left in the half and a 10-0 lead. They played it aggressively and got a field goal with four seconds on the clock to extend their lead to 13-0.

* Receiver-turned-safety Kenny Tate finally got a ball in his hands when he jumped a route in the second quarter. But the freshman couldn’t hang on.

* Chris Turner, not known for mobility, stepped up in the pocket to avoid pressure and hit Cory Jackson for 29 yards in the third quarter to Wake's 24-yard line. The completion led to a Maryland field goal. Turner threw more passes than in any game since high school and was effective.

* How pleased the Terps must have been to have cornerback Nolan Carroll healthy again, particularly after Barnes went out with an injured shoulder in the first half.

* The field-goal attempt, which was once a liability for the Terps (0-5 to start the season) is a weapon again.

* Wake's offense seemed a little off, but much of it was due to pressure from the Terps. Their problems were epitomized by quarterback Riley Skinner overthrowing a wide-open Marshall Williams beyond the Terps defense in the waning moments of the third quarter.

* Just when it seemed the Josh Portis experiment was over, the quarterback ran his first play of the game in the third period and scrambled for five yards. He returned and played a series in the fourth.

* Wake tried to spread out the Terps with occasional five-receiver sets and had limited success.

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