'America's Next Top Model': Contestants go to Amsterdam

The women were jazzed that they made it to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. But once they arrived, they found themselves racing through the city in order to get 25 extra frames during the next photo shoot.

Elina and Samantha paired up and won the extra pictures.

Later, Elina, Analeigh and Marjorie got in a bathtub (naked) and made a lot of noise, which annoyed the other girls who were trying to sleep.

The next day. the girls went to the Red Light District for their photo shoot. They were challenged with posing in outfits in the same display windows that prostitutes use.

Marjorie wowed Miss J Alexander. But the winning model pair -- Samantha and McKey -- were invited to come back to Amsterdam for an international fashion week.

After the shoot, Samantha and Elina had an argument about prostitution. (Elina favors it; Samantha isn't a huge fan.)

The next morning, the girls got on a huge sailboat for a photo shoot. McKey, Analeigh and Marjorie really seemed to excel during the shoot. Jay Manuel showered them with praise. He was a little more lukewarm with Sheena, Elina, and Samantha.

It was no surprise that Sheena and Elina comprised the bottom two. Sheena was eliminated. Tyra Banks told her that she is a star. Sheena took the elimination in stride. She said the show had changed her life, and that the audience had not seen the last of her. I have a feeling that she's right.

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