Steelers' Ward knocks out Bengals' LB for season

Hines Ward is on some kind of roll this season.

Ravens linebacker Bart Scott's favorite wide receiver delivered a crackback block on Bengals LB Keith Rivers yesterday that broke Rivers' jaw and ended his season. The block was on a pass completion to Pittsburgh's Matt Spaeth. There was no penalty on the hit. Rivers was Cincinnati's first-round draft pick this year.

Ward has already been fined twice this year, $5,000 for stepping over the head of Ravens CB Corey Ivy and another $10,000 for unnecessary toughness against Jacksonville. In neither case was Ward penalized at the time the play occurred. The Steelers have been complaining about the way the league has been fining them so it will be interesting to see what happens here.

There may be a case for head-to-head on this one. It's close because at first it looks like Ward's head is down as if he's tring to get into Rivers' chest or shoulder but then it comes up under the guy's chin. Take a look. Sorry about the background noise.

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