Potential Terps tie-breakers in ACC

Maryland is tied at 3-1 with Florida State for the ACC's Atlantic Division lead, with Boston College and Wake Forest one game back.

So what is the tie-breaking procedure?

The first tie-breaker is head-to-head competition. Maryland has already beaten Wake and plays Florida State and Boston College later in the season, so that's all relatively simple.

It's another example of why the Terps' destiny is largely in their own control.

Clemson has three losses and N.C. State has four, so we'll forget about them for the time being. Sorry Tigers and Wolfpack. But thanks for playing our game, and you're welcome to try again next year.

In a three-way tie, the ACC would use head-to-head competition among the teams to eliminate one team. Then it would use head-to-head competition among the remaining two, followed by divisional record.

I'll shut up now.

The last time there was a tie was 2005, when Florida State and Boston College finished with 5-3 conference records. The Seminoles won the division because they had beaten the Eagles during the season.

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