If report is true, "Pacman" may face final "Game Over"

The latest news about Adam "Pacman" Jones is truly a wonder.

In the event you have not heard, Jones is in hot water for an altercation with his own bodyguard at a Dallas hotel. Now seriously, this is a guy who can't afford to get caught throwing a gum wrapper on the street and he's out at 1:30 a.m., and having an angry exchange with a guy who is tasked with keeping him out of trouble. There are reports of a broken mirror, an unpaid bill,  drinking and, of course, the police were called.

So Adam, how does playing for the Gray Cup sound?  Know much about the night life in Winnipeg or Saskatchewan? 

One thing is for sure, though, if there is even a scintilla of truth to any of this, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who suspended Jones for all of 2007, will send his career into deep space. 





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