Help Ryan out

Hey gang. Ryan, an old buddy of mine from back in the day, sent me this email:

I’m actually emailing you to see if you had any recommendations for bars in the White Marsh area.

I’m planning my brother’s bachelor party and trying to find a good bar atmosphere (without the strippers, haha) ... thanks for any help you can give!

Not being too too familiar with the White Marsh area, I can only offer a few recommendations ...

I endorse Buffalo Wild Wings (8200 Perry Hall Blvd.) for lip-smackin' bar food, Della Rose's Tavern (8153 Honeygo Boulevard) for atmosphere and Red Brick Station (8149 Honeygo Blvd., pictured) for beer.

The plus side? They're all in walking distance of each other.

The downside? They're all in or around a mall, which can be kind of lame. But we are talking about the 'burbs, and that's where a good number of bars are in strip malls in the 'burbs.

So can you add to my list?

Ryan needs our help.

(Archive photo of Red Brick Station)

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