Clearing out my foodie inbox

Just going through my e-mail I see various items that might be of mild interest: ...

* Sally tells me that Rocket to Venus in Hampden serves brussels sprouts regularly. This struck me as odd and something of a non sequitur until I realized she must be referring to my review yesterday when I mentioned that Michael's Steak & Lobster House in Bayview had brussels sprouts on the menu.

* Robert sent me an e-mail saying that the Grandview in Hampden now has a Web site. You might get a kick out of it. And, hey, looking at the "signature menu" I see there are TWO brussels sprouts dishes.

* This reminds me that the brussels sprouts I bought for my husband two weeks ago at the farmers market are still sitting in my fridge. Funny how you can love cabbage and not care if you never saw another brussels sprout.

* I got something from Stone Hearth Newsletters, the subject line of which was "The power of food: it may be a cure for drug addiction."  But what's the cure for food addiction?

* Retired in Elkridge sent me this link to a story in USA Today about a man eating a 15-pound burger, hold the lettuce. I made that last part up.

* Andrea writes that a new restaurant, CC's Grill, is supposed to open soon in Union Square. Sounds like it will be Caribbean.

*  Brasserie Tatin in Homewood is having a guest chef for two nights: Georges Perrier, Maitre Cuisinier de France and chef/owner of Philadelphia’s Le Bec Fin.  To celebrate Brasserie Tatin’s third anniversary, on Oct. 23 and 24 Chef Perrier will prepare a four-course menu of "contemporary brasserie fare." Some of the dishes will be incorporated into Tatin’s winter menu.  "Mindful of the economic realities we are making this menu very affordable at $50 per person and wine pairings at an additional $18."

* Tom reminds me that his Web site collects and organizes food and drink specials around the city. "We're up to 500 specials, from 1/2-price entrees to steak nights and brunch deals."

* Finally, Food Editor Kate sent me and other food writers a congratulatory e-mail because the Sun's food section won third place for best food section in its circulation category in the Association of Food Journalists' competition. It seems to me we ought to have been congratulating her.

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