Angels Rock Bar weighs in on Joel Madden drama

Well, we already read Joel Madden's account of the Angels Rock Bar drama.

Here is Angels Rock Bar's side of the story, as told by Jake Miller, a vice president at Power Plant Live:


You sent Reed Cordish an email about tee shirts and Angels Rock Bar. Sorry he didn’t get back to you quickly enough.  

Joel didn't just cancel; he did it on the club’s 1 year anniversary with less than 15 days notice, after the club had committed thousands in advertising and resources. His contract had an “out” up to 14 days before the show. He literally cancelled 3 hours before that period. We were not even given a reason. At that point, we had already promoted his appearance for 5 weeks prior. He did damage that could not be “repaired” in 14 days ...

Employees, who care deeply about the club, were more than upset. I think a more thoughtful article would focus on why celebrities feel they have carte blanche to go back on their word.  They get away every day with awful things that the common man would not. They walk all over people.

I look forward to your response,


(Photo from Angels Rock Bar's MySpace site

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