A ninth conference game?

Terps coach Ralph Friedgen said today that ACC coaches had discussed the possibility during spring meetings of adding a ninth conference game to the schedule and dropping one of the four non-conference games.

But the coach said the proposal was unpopular. ACC coaches like the flexibility of scheduling winnable non-conference opponents so they get enough wins to be bowl-eligible.

"Coaches were not for that because it would knock a lot of us out of bowl games," Friedgen said.

Fridge also spoke in his media call today about how his seniors are largely responsible for the team's turnaround that led to the win over Wake Forest.

"Our seniors were very important in our change of attitude. They were the ones that called the meeting after the Virginia game," he said.

Fridge wouldn't discuss Kevin Barnes' injury other than to say that the defensive back is out this week. Coaches are acting as if he'll be out indefinitely, but Friedgen won't say one way or the other.

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