A Baltimore lexicon

One of yesterday’s posts celebrated espantoon, the word for a police officer’s nightstick that the dictionary defines as of Baltimorean origin.

Today, bryanintimonium writes:

When I was in middle school I had a social studies teacher who was a true Baltimorean. He relished every opportunity to teach us about words that belonged just to Baltimore - even if it was just in the form of how to pronounce things properly. Most of all, I remember him producing a list of words that his grandmother used as well as his week-long lament of the passing of the Evening Sun. Maybe we could put together a list of Baltimore specific words?

I, as an auslander with a mere 22 years in Baltimore, am scarcely qualified to even broach the subject. Who among the gaudy readership of this blog can supply some words or phrases originating in or identified with Baltimore?

Two things I do not want. I do not want examples of Bawlmerese — those representations of local pronunciations. Down the ocean for to the ocean as an idiom is acceptable as a Baltimore locution, but downey ocean and all the others are well represented elsewhere.

Neither do I want nostalgic ruminations over Baltimore customs, such as the sauerkraut served with turkey at Thanksgiving.

Just words, phrases, idioms that are distinctively local, please.



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