Why I wish I were starting business school this fall


You'll be glad to know that Gailor called to say she was back in the States.

Faithful readers will remember that she's started business school at Northwestern, and the first week was a group bonding experience in Brazil.  She wasn't allowed to take a cell or laptop with her, but I did get this e-mail from her. It's not like I remember school: ...

"I'm sitting at an internet cafe in Buzios, a beach town about 2-3 hours from Rio. We spent the morning on a catamaran with high winds, but beautiful water. We jumped in and swam to shore at one little beach. The highlight was when a little rubber boat pulled up next to us and a local climbed onto the boat with skewered fresh shrimp with limes. It didn't appeal in the heat, but I ate them anyway and they turned out to be fabulous. Shell and all. I don't have long to type, but I´ll give you a few highlights.    "Yesterday. The big birthday. We left Rio in the morning and took an air-conditioned coach here to Buzios.  After lunch (crepes with cheese that day) we did "beach olympics." A group bonding thing with five events.  We came in second, although I still think we were robbed.  ... We ate dinner at an outdoor restaurant with traditional Portuguese food.  I had a cod dish (they call it Christmas cod) with olives, onions, rice, and a bunch of other stuff mixed in with the cod.  After dinner, they brought out a huge chocolate cake and everyone sang happy birthday (for the second time -- the first was on the bus the night before at midnight on our way home from a samba club in Rio -- more on that later). It means a lot to me that everyone has made the day such a big deal all week. ..."

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