When locavorism goes too far

That headline was just to get you to read this. Locavorism can never go too far.

When I checked my voice mail this morning, there was a message from Gailor. The Perfect Roommate wanted me to know that the Evanston, Ill. Costco is selling heirloom tomatoes. She didn't say for how much. How weird is that?

I wonder what the cosmic implications of this are. Will the effete snobs stop buying heirlooms now that they are available to the masses? Will all Americans now realize that food with flavor is actually better than food that looks good?

Or will the tomatoes just sit there and rot, with no one buying, until Costco realizes it's made a cosmic mistake. ...

On a related subject, the Perfect Roommate has been cooking dinner for Gailor every night (thank God someone is), and the menus Gailor has described sound delicious. I've asked her to send me a week's worth, which might give some of us some inspiration.

OK, I'm not making the whole-wheat-crust pizza from scratch with avocado and tomato salad that they had last night -- nor can I conceive of doing so and being in your second week of business school -- but I like hearing about it.

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