The Dizz is open

Dropped by The Dizz last night. It just opened up where Dizzy Issie's used to be, at 300 W. 30th St. in Remington.

It looks less cluttered than Dizzy Issie's, but plenty of the old tchotchkes are still on the walls.

I had the naive idea of reviewing the Dizz, but quickly scrapped that plan when I realized last night must have been someone's birthday or the bar's grand opening party.

I never, ever review bars on their grand opening nights -- or even their grand opening weekends.

Here's why ...

First off, it wouldn't be fair to the bartenders. I stood at the Dizz's bar for 10 minutes and wasn't even acknowledged by the server. But I can't put too much blame on her -- she was swamped. The Dizz was stuffed with people and she couldn't get to them all in time.

You can't judge a place's popularity on a grand opening, either. Of course it's going to be packed. If it's not on the opening week and weekend, something is horribly wrong.

I like to give a bar or club a week or two for the buzz to die down some. Then you can get a real gauge for how good the service is and how popular the place is going to be.

(Photo by me) 

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