No, I don't hate clubs

Since my most recent review of Mosaic and the whole Palma/Dubai debacle, there have been rumblings that Sam Sessa does not like clubs.

Sam Sessa hates clubs and only likes dive bars, they say. Maybe they're right, I thought.

So I went back into the archives and looked at my club reviews from the past three years.

We're talking reviews of Red Maple (pictured), Club X Ultra Lounge, Kamp and The Den, among others.

Here are a few choice snippets. You be the judge ...

On Red Maple (930 N. Charles St.): 

"When it's packed and popping, Red Maple is one of the city's few high-end lounges worth a $10 cover. Fire pits, comfy cushion seating, tasteful dark wood decor and a spot-on sound system make it one of the city's most sharp, impressive destinations. ... Red Maple's biggest downside is that it knows it's good. But when you want to really step out in Baltimore on a Friday or Saturday night, it's always one of the best spots to hit."

On The Den (3327 St. Paul St.):

"Charles Village desperately needed something to help its struggling nightlife scene, and the Den is a big boost."

On the now-defunct Kamp (2314 Boston St.):

"[Manager Warren] Hemenway's got the right atmosphere with Kamp, and if he can draw more young people to fill it, he'll have a hit lounge."

On Club X Ultra Lounge (10 S. Calvert St.), which is now Dubai:

"The place has a solid mix of style, attitude and class. I wouldn't be surprised to see the month-old lounge turn into a regular weekend hangout for the city's high-rolling 30-something set."

On Pur (2322 Boston St.):

"Pur lounge, Canton's crisp new three-story club, has an undeniable appeal.Since opening in mid-January where the GoodLove Bar used to sit, Pur has upped the ante more than any other city club."

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