I am not making this up

For many years I’ve watched Baltimore’s City Paper stick pins into the hide of The Baltimore Sun, which is its right and proper function. Imagine, therefore, my surprise at receiving a message from work this morning that this blog has been included in a minor citation in this year’s “Best of Baltimore” issue. *

In the category “Best Civilized Blog”:

BOTH THE SUN AND EXAMINER have flooded the internet with blogs--too many, really, to read them all. But one we always make time for is Sun copy desk chief John E. McIntyre's You Don't Say. McIntyre, who also teaches at Loyola College, writes with wit, erudition, and conciseness about subjects--grammar, editing, the newspaper business--that could easily put one to sleep. That he does so without hectoring or prescriptivism (look it up) is just one bonus. McIntyre, while a traditionalist, knows that language and its rules evolve, and sometimes quickly so. But the real reason for visiting this Kentucky-born gentleman's blog is to learn how to do important stuff, like tying a bow tie (a May 29 video entry), cooking Cincinnati chili (July 24), and, most importantly, making a martini (July 2, also a video). If only the rest of the web was so civilized.

It would be churlish to suggest that the final sentence would have been improved by the subjunctive; one swallows compliments whole. I doff my fedora.


* As I said, I am, like Anna Russell, not making this up. Here’s the citation.



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