Hanna still en route

If you woke up disappointed (or relieved) that the trees are still and the overnight rain has been a trifle, don't let down your guard just yet, Baltimore. Hanna is ashore, and she's slowed her maximum winds a bit. But she has not gone away.

Some outer bands sprinkled the region with a quarter-inch or so of rain over night. But there's more to come. The regional radar loop shows the situation best, with the heavier stuff still moving up the bay. They're getting winds over 20 mph in the southern Chesapeake, with more to come.

Here's the latest advisory. Here's the official forecast for BWI. Here's the storm track, which does not appear to have changed much. And here's the satellite view.

If you're along the bay and worried about surge, plan for 1 to 3 feet, not the higher amounts noted in today's story. Those are for locations east of the storm's center. We're west. That should have been made clearer.

This storm will move through the region today, pass to the south and east of the city and race off to the northwest this evening. A fast flyby will minimize the rain totals and the duration of any high winds. We hope.

Then there's Ike, which may well erase memories of Hanna before the next few days pass. Ike remains a Category 3 hurricane, with top sustained winds of 115 mph. He is now drawing a bead on the storm-weary Bahamas, South Florida and the Gulf. And maybe New Orleans, if you can believe it.

Here is the latest advisory on Ike. Here is the forecast storm track. And here is how he looks from orbit.

The good news is that Tropical Storm Josephine - next in line behind Ike - has finally fallen apart. The National Hurricane has issued its last advisory on Josephine, so we can stop thinking about that one, at least.

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