Hanna pulling away; rains near end

The radar loop for the Northeast at 4:40 p.m. shows that most of Hanna's rains have passed through Central Maryland. Although the center of Hanna's rotation remains in the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay, and the Delmarva Peninsula, there is very little precipitation showing on radar to the south and west of Baltimore.

The rain gauge here on the WeatherDeck in Cockeysville reads 2.42 inches. All but a quarter-inch of that has fallen since daybreak today. That's a good bit of rain for 8 or 9 hours, but not the 3 to 7 inches forecasters warned of yesterday.

Out at BWI, the NWS instruments clocked only 1.6 inches. But Dulles International, in Northern Virginia, has reported almost 5 inches of rain today.

Other locations may likewise have seen far more rain than others. Flash flood warnings are in effect in several counties west of Baltimore and Washington. Most streams in the region are now running well above their norms for this time of year, and a few are at record highs.

We just ventured out and notice very high water - though no road flooding - on Beaver Dam Creek at York Road in Cockeysville. Western Run is also very high, but not out of its banks.

There is lots of ponding on the roads, and cars are throwing up some impressive rooster tails. Traction is dicey in some places where the water is laying on top of a thin layer of oil accumulated during weeks of dry weather. So drive carefully.

Here are some storm damage reports reported to the National Weather Service in Sterling. Plenty of downed trees and street flooding. Virginia seems to have had the worst time of it. You can click on the "version" numbers across the top for earlier reports.

Sorry this post is so late, but we lost power for a time this afternoon. BGE has reported more than 75,000 customers out of service today. More than 46,000 (including me) have already had their power restored.  

Here is the latest advisory on Hanna. Here is the storm track. And here is the view from space.

Now we can turn our attention to Hurricane Ike, still a Category 3 storm in the western Atlantic. Ike has strengthened today, and is headed for the Turks and Caicos islands with 135 mph winds. Here is the latest advisory for Ike.

Here is the forecast storm track, which is taking the storm into the Gulf, with Cuba, South Florida and, of all places, New Orleans in its sights. And here is the view from space.

The good news? First tropical Storm Josephine is no longer a threat. She has dissipated in the far eastern Atlantic. Second, the forecast for tomorrow looks great: sunny with highs in the mid-80s. Great weather for cleaning up the yard.



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