Giving Chicago a chance


In a couple of weeks I'm going back to Chicago for another visit before the snow flies. That is, I'm visiting Gailor in Evanston, the suburb, but this time I'll go into the city to see what all the fuss is about. I'm going to dig out my Architecture 101 textbook and make a list of houses and buildings I should visit. And, OK, maybe I'll dig out a Chicago Zagat and make a list of restaurants I should visit as well. ...

I'll do my usual thing of taking a laptop and my camera, but I'm planning to still do Baltimore-centric posts for those who aren't interested in my travels.

I was also thinking of having one Question of the Day for an easy, vacation-style post, such as "What do you think of foie gras?" -- Ha ha. Just kidding -- hoping that the regulars will get the discussion going without my posting anything about it.

I'll ask my editors to publish comments when I'm too busy having fun, so be patient. They don't realize you're talking to each other so the comments have to be published as fast as possible. Otherwise you might as well be writing letters to each other.

Anyway, please post suggestions for topics you'd like discussed.

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