'America's Next Top Model': Isis almost eliminated

Marylander Isis, a transgendered contestant, was nearly eliminated last night in America's Next Top Model.

Isis was the bottom two because she took a bad photo during a challenge, which involved the contestants hanging from a ladder that appeared to be dangling from a hot air balloon. In addition to having bad arm placement in that picture, Isis looked very average during the judging. It was the second week in a row that Tyra Banks chided Isis for her appearance. Luckily for Isis, Nikeysha talked over the judges one too many times, and they sent the mouthy model packing.

Benny Ninja appeared in the beginning of the episode to work with the women on their posing. Elina made the most of the lesson when she won the first mini-challenge, which involved each contestant  posing with designer handbags. Sheena and Nikeysha crashed and burned.


Sheena wrapped one of her legs around the back of her head and planted her purse in front of her genitals. Needless to say, her poses were called "offensive." Nikeysha had a similar pose, but she dangled the purse from her foot. (She also announced to the room that she had to urinate! (Totally unprofessional!) Meanwhile, Elina took a photo that Jay Manuel called "Dior."

It wouldn't be a good episode of Top Model without a little controversy among the contestants. Hannah was labeled a racist by the contestants of color after a series of incidents.

First, she pushed Isis while the contestants were sitting in a hot tub. (Hannah said in a confessional that she had a problem with transgendered people.) Next, Hannah had a conversation with Sheena, during which she called herself "the stereotypical white person" because she doesn't like rap music and isn't loud when she walks in a room. Brittany and Sheena were very calm and understanding when they told her that she should be careful repeating those words. Hannah immediately burst into tears. (Give me a break!) Later, some of the models of color talked about what Hannah had said. Hannah was summoned into the room. Joslyn asked her if she was prejudiced. Hannah rephrased the question using the word racist. She said she wasn't, then she left the room and complained that she was being attacked.

Time for the hot-air balloon challenge. Mike Ruiz was the guest photographer. Lauren Brie was stunning in her photo. (The judges later said her photo was among the best in the history of the show.) During her shoot, Elina was compared to Angelina Jolie. Joslyn also received good remarks.

During judging, I knew Nikeysha was in trouble when the judges started to comment on her being too thin. Isis was criticized for appearing like a "normal girl" during judging. Tyra said she needed to look more like a model.

An extra mention needs to go to Sheena, who was constantly told that she looked like a hoochie. Miss Jay Alexander said she looked like "Victoria's Secreations." Paulina Porizkova also asked her whether or not her breasts are real. She said yes. A few minutes later, she came back to the judges and confessed that they're not. Tyra commended her for her honesty.

I think Nikeysha got sent home because she kept on talking. You could tell that she irritated Tyra, because Nikeysha basically got shushed several times during the elimination. At one point, Tyra told her to stop talking because it was "Isis' moment." (See the video below.)

I can't wait for next week when the model's get makeovers!



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