Today's featured comment

Yes, today's featured post is too early in the morning to fairly reflect the mood of the masses, but since I make the rules on this blog -- and break them regularly -- I can always post another great comment later in the day. Here's John Fuller, speculating about something we all have probably thought about over the past week or so:

John's take: While attending the O's game last Sunday, the scoreboard indicated that they were about 40,000-plus fans short of identifying the 50 millionth fan to attend an Orioles game at Camden Yards. Checking the O's schedule, I noted that the next three home games are against the Boston Red Sox. Obviously, the lucky 50 millionth guy or gal will be announced at this series.

Having said that, how maddening would it be if that 50 Millionth fan is wearing a Red Sox Nation cap and shirt? As arrogant and obnoxious as they usually are at Camden Yards (Let's go Red Sox, let's go) this would be an ignominious and terminal irony.

Pete's take: Ignominious is a pretty strong word which, interestingly enough, has never appeared in The Schmuck Stops Here before, but it certainly is going to rankle some Orioles fans if somebody in Red Sox regalia ends up holding that giant cardboard $50,000 check. Maybe we can convince Peter Angelos to go to his bank and do a Stop Payment on it.

I take it back. If he could do that, he would have done it to Albert Belle.

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