'So You Think You Can Dance': Finale begins tonight

After months of leaps, contemporary routines and annoying screams from Judge Mary Murphy, we're ready to crown a winner.

It's a no-brainer for me: Katee should win the competition. She's the strongest dancer of the remaining four. Yes, Courtney is beautiful and has great versatility. Joshua is strong, and he's done a great job with almost every routine that has been thrown his way. Twitch is a phenomenal showman. But none of them has had absolute stellar weeks from beginning to end like Katee. 

Katee not only excels in all forms of dance -- Bollywood, hip-hop, contemporary and the pas de deux -- but she's also the most expressive of all the dancers. She makes the most use of her arms and her facial expressions. Everything is on point all the time.

If Will was still in the competition, I would give the nod to him. Since America got it wrong a couple of weeks ago and voted him off, Katee is the next best thing.

It's crazy to imagine that she almost didn't make the show because the judges felt she had an "attitude" problem. Katee's attitude has been great this season. So has her dancing. Give her the title!

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